I’m sorry

I’m so so so sorry I have not posted in a LONG TIME I have been REALLY busy with my family’s YouTube channel and bleaching my hair and a lot of other crap 💩 I’m sorry 😐 a lot has happened I don’t have pink hair any more I have a weird color and I got L.E.D light in my room now


17+ apps

Ok let’s talk about 17+ apps. Some 17+ apps are like,WHY ARE YOU 17+!!!!! But sometimes when your my age your like,WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO BLOODY 😡😢😢!!! I have 2 17+ apps and nether of them are bloody😬. One of the 17+ apps I have is Call Of Duty but it’s not bloody. To be honest, I don’t like games that have blood. It just grosses me out. Some one be like, you like bloody games,oh I can tell you like bloody. Actually I don’t. Good bye bloody gamer.I DON’T LIKE BLOODY GAMES anymore.

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Tomorrow is Halloween but I’m injured so I have to sit out for a lot of the activities we have at camp.Today is my interview so yeah I only have a few questions but there is long answers so it’s going to be a long interview unless I get more questions in the next few hours witch my interview is in 30 minutes from now so I have get ready so see


So I’m going to to a interview on my self well I’m just going to answer questions you guys give me.So I need questions to answer so put questions you have about me in the comments please.thanks

My biking trail

So I have a have a bike trail yes it’s small but it’s CRAZY and just fun.so I have a video I’m going to play it for you so enjoy.so that’s my trail I hope you like it if you do show me by following And or commenting.I hope you enjoy so I will see you next time.Bye

My first blog

Hello my name Ethan Crosland.I’m 11 years and old I have been bike racing for 4 years and I’m just now blogging about it.im building my own biking trail.My neighbor is a crazy Crazy CRAZY mountain biker.He does enduro and cross country racing .I’m a cross country and soon to be a enduro racer just not yet don’t have the stuff or the nerve yet so I’m gonna start next year.this is me and this is me 10 minutes before a bike race with my cross country bike not my enduro bike.My enduro bike is a old yet good stile specialized full suspension.Im going to end my blog here bye see ya on my next blog